Meet a woman with a cute aliens

Nadezhda Fedotova, a resident of the city of Novocheboksarsk (Russia), was taken to hospital with a dangerously high temperature. For three days the patient, not getting up, lay on her bunk. Then the woman felt a little relieved and rose from her bed to look at least a little. Staggering from weakness and holding onto the wall, she somehow emerged into the hospital corridor. There, Nadezhda suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed to the floor.

At the same moment, she emerged from her body, and her consciousness rose to the ceiling, from where Hope perfectly saw herself stretched out on the floor. Then she heard someone crying out loud, and a nurse and a female doctor came running to him. They picked up the lifeless body and dragged it to a couch that was standing nearby.

Hope saw how the doctor and sister fussed around her, heard their words, uttered emotionally, but quietly. After a while, Nadia, like a magnet, pulled down, and she returned to her body. Hardly having come to, the woman in detail has told to the rescuers about everything, that she saw and heard, being literally outside herself. However, they seemed to Nadia, surprised by what happened much less than she herself …
The first encounter with an extraterrestrial

A few hours later, night came and Nadezhda again emerged from her own body. This time, she saw herself as her translucent copy. Strange room, which was Nadia, she was not familiar and had an oval ceiling. And in this room she was not alone: ​​she was surrounded by men of just huge growth. One of the giants spoke, but communication was probably telepathic, because Nadya did not seem to hear her words. She was also struck by the fact that the man introduced himself as an extraterrestrial.

The silent interlocutor began to persuade Nadezhda to go along with them, but she resolutely refused, because she was very frightened. And then the stranger said that after a few years they would come again for her, and advised Nadezhda to think. “Most likely, then we’ll take you forever,” he said. “By the time you are ripe for this mission.”

The woman did not remember the appearance of all aliens, but the appearance of her interlocutor was clearly crashed into Nadine’s memory. The shortest of all, he, nevertheless, reached two meters in height and in principle was pretty nice, although absolutely bald. The alien’s gaze was kind, lips – for some reason disproportionately small and folded bow, nose – straight …

The second meeting with an extraterrestrial

Was this a vision of an ordinary dream or Nadino etheric body really present on board a UFO?

The question remained open, but meanwhile, two months have passed since the story, Nadya has already been discharged from the hospital for a long time. One day she was standing at the bus stop and saw some familiar person crossing the road: a bald man of two meters tall, with a straight nose and tiny, bow-stitched lips. At that moment, when he passed Fedotova without stopping, their glances met.

And then she recognized him definitively. Yes, and he also recognized Hope, because he barely perceptibly smiled at her and nodded his head. The woman who was hunted for a long time watched him go and thought that the aliens, albeit very high, did not practically differ from people hurrying down the street …

And what does this turn out? Among us, aliens live comfortably, and we do not even suspect about it. Moreover, we do not believe in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, and therefore often laugh at ufologists who show us all sorts of videos and pictures of “flying saucers.” And among the skeptics at that moment there may be a space visitor, and in the depths of his wise eyes there will be a slight grin over our naivety and ignorance …
But most of all Hope is concerned that over time she will have another meeting with aliens. And how will it end? And what task did the brothers prepare for her? Is she really going to ripen before her and even agree to fly into the unknown, leaving her native Earth? ..

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