Military of Chile declassified video with the UFO

The Chilean Committee on a research of the abnormal phenomena in the atmosphere (CEFAA) published the report on studying of the video made by military pilots in 2014.

CEFAA is division of State department of civil aeronautics of Chile and is under jurisdiction of the Chilean Air Force. Its functions – studying of the abnormal atmospheric phenomena and unidentified flying objects.

The report briefly tells about the analysis of earlier secret video made on November 11, 2014 from a board of the military helicopter.
Pilots patrolled coastal sector between the cities of San Antonio and Kinteros to the West from Santiago. The camera of a high definition recorded the strange object which unexpectedly appeared in a palate. Terrestrial radars did not find it. After ten minutes of observation an object suddenly disappeared in clouds.

On record it is visible that it leaves a mark which nature did not manage to be established. Experts of CEFAA after the long-lived studying of record and poll of pilots brought the strange subject in the catalog as “unidentified flying object”. They established that he was not a bird, space debris, an insect or plane. The analysis excluded also the version about natural anomaly.

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