Millions of dead creatures thrown to the shore of Hawaii

Tens of thousands of crustaceans daily bring waves to the beach of Mokulea. The sand filled with dead bodies from a huge number of them became a pink hue. Among the crustaceans thrown ashore there are crabs, lobsters, shrimps, sea cucumbers.

A local resident, Alice Rivera, says that she has never seen anything like this, “You see … There are not tens of them, not thousands, not tens of thousands, but millions.” Millions of dead sea creatures are lying on the shore, I do not understand what is happening. ”

Ecologist Carroll Cox says, “You see, the problem is not that there are tons of crabs and shrimp on a small part of the coastal strip, but that something bad is happening in the ocean, and we do not know what exactly yet.”

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

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