Millions of dead European insects thrown onto the beaches of Yorkshire, UK

Millions of dead bugs were washed ashore in Yorkshire, UK on April 13, 2020. What is happening is reminiscent of shots from a movie about the Apocalypse, but all this happens in reality.

Huge heaps of millions of bugs have piled up all over the Yorkshire beach, spanning vast parts of the beach at Keyton Bay, not far from Scarborough.

The same dead bugs are lying around along other beaches in Keyton Bay.

According to a statement by the Scarborough and Berniston Coast Guard office, beetles most likely belong to the species of European beetles “Marble Crush”, usually found only in mainland Europe.

Marble Crush, also variegated Khrushchev and July Khrushchev (lat. Polyphylla fullo) – a species of large beetle insects from the subfamily of Khrushchev within the lamellar family (Scarabaeidae). The largest representative of the subfamily in Europe.

The statement said: “Yesterday afternoon, when the coast guard was on the coastal patrol, one member of the public warned them of something strange on the beach.

“A large number of European beetles were thrown onto several beaches around Scarborough,” said a coast guard spokesman.

The reasons for this abnormal event have not been established …

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