Musician learned to “see” music after brain injury

Music is an amazing phenomenon that can evoke different emotions and feelings. However, what happens when one begins to “see” music? One musician came into possession of this amazing phenomenon after a head injury changed his musical world.

In 2021, the man suffered a car accident that left him with a serious head injury. A CT scan revealed that blood had accumulated on the surface of his brain, but fortunately, no surgery was required. He was discharged from the hospital three days later, but memory problems began immediately thereafter. He also began to “see” music for the first time.

The researchers conducted a series of tests to confirm the musician’s words, and the results were staggering. It turned out that he had an unusual need to compose music all the time. And he actually saw music as a separate light effect. Surprisingly, the strange symptoms disappeared when the musician fully recovered from his injury.

Scientists concluded that the patient’s brain injury had caused synesthesia, a rare neurological disorder in which various sensations and feelings are intertwined. In this case, the musician’s vision and hearing became closely linked, allowing him to “see” the music.

Synesthesia is a unique phenomenon that has attracted the attention of many scientists and artists for decades. It is a condition that occurs when one sense evokes associations with another. For example, a sound may evoke a certain color or shape.

This amazing discovery may open up new approaches to studying the brain and understanding the relationships between different senses and perceptions. It may also inspire artists and musicians to create new works and experiment with elements of synaesthetics.

Ultimately, this discovery may help scientists better understand how the brain works and how different senses and perceptions relate to each other. This could lead to new discoveries and advances in neuroscience and psychology.

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