Mysterious celestial phenomenon was observed in Germany

Recently on 31 July, a strange light phenomenon was observed in Luxembourg and now similar and the same unexplainable phenomenon seen in the skies of Germany on 2 August.

August 2, Timo Tautges has published on his page in Facebook photographs of a mysterious celestial phenomena made at 17:00 in the commune of Arzfeld (Rheinland-Pfalz).

Germany, 2 August 2016

Published by the eyewitness photos on the background of cloudy sky visible unusual light trail. According to Timo, the trail moved with the speed of the plane in the direction from right to left (reference photo).

What was it the witness does not know, but he said it looked very unusual and weird.

Luxembourg, 31 July 2016

We will remind that on July 31, 17:30 in the town Hall in the South-West of Luxembourg, the witness noticed an unusual celestial phenomenon and managed to make his picture. A mysterious phenomenon was observed within a few seconds.

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