Mysterious circles on the fields of the 45th parallel

Exactly halfway between the equator and the North pole is located the 45th parallel. At 45 degrees North latitude – that is, in the most Central, medial Parallels our hemisphere – is located in Krasnodar Krai. Figuratively speaking, we can say that the territory lying on the 45th parallel, located on the Golden mean of the planet Earth.

The direction of the line is: London – Paris – Lyon – Turin – Piedmont – Venice – Trieste – Yugoslavia – Romania – Odessa –Nikolaev – Perekop – Dzhankoy – V. –Kerch – bridge across the Strait of Kerch – Taman Peninsula in the Caucasian coast.

At a new historical stage in full power sounded the transport theme of the 45th parallel space. Crimea, located on the 45th parallel, was assigned to this great task an important role: he acted as one of the centers mission control (by the way, Baikonur is also located approximately on the 45th parallel).

So, equidistance from the equator and the North pole provides not only the convenience in the withdrawal of the spacecraft into orbit and their future management. Spare band for “storms” (one of them can be observed near Simferopol) was also built around the 45 th parallel, to ensure maximum ease of operation the space Shuttle when landing.

There are quite mystical facts that defy rational explanation. Interestingly, many Christian churches were built on this line, and in places that are in the woods or where people were not previously settled.

So, exactly on the 45th parallel is the St. Nicholas Church in the village of Mazanka near Simferopol. Women’s monastery of St. Paraskeva near Topolevka village (Belogorsky region). And place for the Church and for the monastery was chosen in the forest zone exactly on the 45th parallel. Moving further East, the Church of the medieval Armenian monastery of Surb Khach (Old Crimea, near) is at a point equidistant from the equator and the poles – and also in the deep woods.

It should be noted another phenomenon of the 45th parallel, natural. On the slopes of mount Kubalach is another wonderful natural object – the source of AK-su. It’s symptomatic of the source name, which literally translates as “White water”. Does not it remind of the legendary Belovodye, Shambhala?

Studies have shown that 45 parallel facilitates the entrance of the near-earth space when approaching flying objects extraterrestrial civilizations. Yes, crop circles have extraterrestrial origins (excluding man-made fakes).

The mystery of geometric structures on fields, scientists have not solved. They appear at the same time with a chronological precision. The convenience of these observations laid down the tradition of the club “Kosmopoisk” to leave the camp in the desired location and turn out to be what they say, in the middle of it.

The campground is located on the highest point of the surrounding area. The night watch is on duty with the night recording. Measurements from device “Geiger” showed that the radioactive background in the anomalous circles below in the projections than in the main field. These projections are not a danger to crops or people.

Feature of circles is the disappearance of the insects. Ant hills that are in abundance dotted the land, deserted by their owners. In the circles of the clock of life freeze. But the wheat is still alive, the ears are just Packed, not one broken stem. Styling made with a special order, smoothly directed, with the middle zakruta, as if by a certain pattern. Edge smooth. Projection, despite its large size, geometric, strictly oriented in space by the compass and have not some known pattern.

Core is based in the center of the large circle (earth in this place deepened by 25-30 cm) and have a width of 8-9 cm in the form of a cone, the ends of the earth so compacted or burned, like polished graphite, traces of eversion or podavlennostew on the edges of the recesses there (education is not like a mechanical effect).
Interesting behave birds.

One flew over the formation, Pichugov suddenly change the flight path, circling her like some kind of obstacle formed by drawing. The researchers noticed that in the resulting circles are sometimes found the bodies of the hedgehogs. The fact that, according to witnesses who saw the night flash in the sky, when approaching the object in the first place-responsive appliances, cars and electronic devices stop working.

Car cuts out, electronic devices “jump”, and subsequent approach of a person falls into panic and fear that drives the witnesses away, away from the place. Hedgehogs in fear of the usual not to run away and curl up into a ball. That is why they are found by death. The effect lasts for minutes, then panic turns into curiosity. The object that made the impact, by the time disappears, and eyewitnesses, overflowing with excitement, enter on field.

Witnesses claim that in the next few hours, the earth formation is hot. For the first time after 10 hours on the formed circle, the members of the “Kosmopoisk” with the thermal imager detected an increase in the earth’s temperature in the formation 10 °C! And this is after 10 hours of night and morning chill.

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