Mysterious explosion frightens thousands of people in Finnish capital Helsinki

A loud sound similar to an explosion was heard in many parts of Helsinki late Saturday night, but the source of the explosion remained a mystery.

The explosion sparked discussion on social media, with residents of the districts of Oulunkylä, Kumpula, Käpilä, Arabia, Kulosaari, Metsala, Meilahti and Kulosaari claiming to have heard the sound at around 11:45 pm on Saturday.

Assumptions about the source of the sound also varied widely. Some speculated that it could have been a meteor crashing into the atmosphere, an earthquake, or even a supersonic impact caused by an Air Force fighter jet. However, these possibilities were virtually ruled out.

Helsinki police began receiving reports from residents in the Oulunkylä area shortly before midnight. People described the noise as a “thudding explosive sound” and a “loud bang”.

A police unit was sent to Oulunkylä, but the police could not find a reason to explain the sound.

A group from the astronomy amateur association Ursa also considered the possibility that the noise was the result of a meteorite falling. However, according to Ursa spokeswoman Anne Liljestrem, based on images from the group’s network of cameras, there is no indication yet that the sound came from a meteor.

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