Mysterious explosions in the sky of New York and on the border with Mexico

The loud sound of the explosion and a bright flash of light heard and saw a lot of eyewitnesses in New York on Wednesday, November 1 at about 8:30 pm, and on Thursday, November 2, a strange phenomenon shook the border with Mexico near Tijuana San Diego and many residents believe, that there was an earthquake. They heard a rumble and rumbling around 11.00 in the morning. The doors and windows literally shook with a powerful sonic boom.

But neither the USGS nor any other seismic service reported earthquakes in the area.

Luis Mendoza, a seismologist at the Ensenada Center for Scientific Research (CICESE) excludes that it was an earthquake. In his opinion, the reason for the incident was a shock wave, which arose from the entrance to the atmosphere of an object moving at a speed above the speed of sound.

Geologist Pat Abbott says that if something happened under the surface it will be recorded by sensors, but nothing like sensors were detected, respectively, the cause of this phenomenon was not located under the surface of the earth, but somewhere higher in the atmosphere.

While it remains a mystery what could cause explosions and shock waves near the border of Tijuana San Diego and New York, it seems that something flew at a huge speed over the US.

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