Mysterious light column appeared in the sky over Feliciano, Argentina

On October 24, 2017, a woman from Feliciano, Argentina, took her daily walk in the San Jose Park and took pictures of the stormy sky, when suddenly the sky lit up, it seemed that the lightning struck, but in the picture the woman found a light column.

An amazing photo, made by a woman, captures a mysterious light that leaves a column in the sky. As if it’s some glowing portal to heaven.

The scientists hastened to report that it was probably some rare natural phenomenon that occurred when the cold front met a warm front. These two fronts can not be mixed because of the difference in temperature and density. When both types of air masses collide, extreme weather events can occur, including lightning and even tornadoes.

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We know what causes this. Lightning and rolling shutter, this causes a ‘beam’ to be visible over the entire image. There are pretty clear explanations of it on youtube. It’s a function of how certain (most) cameras work.

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