Mysterious object off the coast of Greece

Not far from Thessaloniki on the coast near the beach Nea Muchanion on satellite photos a mysterious object is clearly visible.

It is an ideal round object with a diameter of 75 meters with a ledge in its central part with a diameter of 26 meters. The depth at which this object is located in this place is approximately 20 meters.

At first glance, the spherical shape of the object resembles a classic “flying saucer” and such a variant is quite possible. I already wrote that this year near the coast of different countries recorded the fall of unidentified flying objects into the ocean.

Who knows, maybe these UFOs occupy positions near the coast in densely populated areas around the world. And not all such falls (immersions) of unknown objects were visually recorded. The most logical in such actions is the preparation for a large-scale invasion.

If we consider a more mundane variant, then perhaps the only thing that can explain the emergence of such an education is the birth of an underwater volcano. The shape is conical, which is quite consistent with volcanoes, but the question arises how the inhabitants of this city and beach visitors did not notice the birth of the volcano near the shore.

After all, such a natural phenomenon is always accompanied by the release of dirt, gas, pumice and this could not help but notice. If this is an old volcano, sleeping, then it is possible, if not for one – but on satellite photos made in 2015 this object in this area is not.

We can conclude. that the object appeared in the time interval between 2015 and 2018. It turns out that this can not be a normal volcano. but what then is it?

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