Mysterious phenomenon in the Atlantic Ocean

The mysterious phenomenon in the Atlantic Ocean, which began to be observed since August 2017 in Uruguay, continues. The water simply disappears from the ocean. This time it happened on the coast of Brazil.

As scientists say, the ocean’s water moves away from the coast as a result of the riot of hurricanes, which suck it, creating storm surges. As a result of the collapse of the most powerful hurricane “Irma” in the Bahamas, the oceanic water disappeared there.

Many experts have doubts about the assertion that the cause of the disappearance of water is always a powerful hurricane. This is the fourth time that an abnormal tidal effect has been observed along the Atlantic coast of Brazil to Uruguay.

Video recordings and photographs show that the water again began to recede along the Brazilian beaches of Guaratuba. However, on this coast there are no hurricanes and storms. There are no other phenomena that can provoke the disappearance of water, for example, tsunamis. Most likely, there are some other reasons, but so far no one can explain why the water disappears along the coast of the continent.

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