Mysterious phenomenon over Baikal: meeting with a fireball

In the dark hours of May 1964, the position of an anti-aircraft missile division near Ulan-Ude witnessed a mysterious and surprising phenomenon. On the evening of May 17, the servicemen noticed a glow over Lake Baikal, which was gradually expanding. But it was not an ordinary sunset – the sun had long ago disappeared behind the horizon. What was it?

At about 21.25 communication with the command post was lost due to strong interference. Suddenly, a fiery orange ball appeared above the horizon. It pulsed and emitted a bright glow, as if it were a living thing. Its size was comparable to the midday sun, but not so bright that it could be observed without dark glasses.

An alert was sounded. Radio communications were disrupted and interference covered all radio frequencies. The unit commander ordered radiation levels to be measured every 30 minutes. The radiation level turned out to be zero, but still the soldiers put on gas masks and other protective equipment. The fireball slowly approached, stopping at the height of a telegraph pole. As it approached, the brightness of its glow diminished.

When the first “tongues” of glow enveloped the position, the soldiers were ordered to cease observations and take cover inside. By midnight the position was completely immersed in the glowing fog. It was difficult to see what was going on in the portholes. The mood of the soldiers was getting worse, they were afraid of the consequences of the confined space.

By 2 a.m., tensions were rising. The soldiers began to get headaches, joint and stomach pains. They wanted to stretch and stretch, but the cramped space prevented them from doing so. By three o’clock, the discomfort was increasing, but communication between the cabins helped to defuse the situation.

At 3.30 everyone was relieved that the crisis had passed. The fireball slowly continued its eastward movement, crossing the entire position.

This mysterious phenomenon over Baikal raised many questions and interest among scientists and specialists. Some suggest that it was due to an unknown natural phenomenon or even the appearance of an alien object. However, there is still no unambiguous answer to the question about the origin of this fireball.

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