Mysterious savage scared bikers in Indonesia

A group of motorcyclists in Indonesia shot a strange creature they met on the forest road, most like a savage. Local Internet users were puzzled by what they saw.

Motorcyclists belonging to a club of motocross lovers traveled by a forest group in the western country of Aceh province, when the biker who was riding ahead suddenly fell. It turned out that he was frightened suddenly by a humanoid figure jumping out onto the road with a stick in his hands.

From the video, it is clear that the creature is most like a human, but it was much smaller than usual growth, and without hair.

Unknown for a second stopped, but then quickly ran further along the road away. Motorcyclists tried to catch up with him, but the creature at some point turned off the road to the side and disappeared into the grass.

Indonesian Web users have suggested that a meticulous person could be a representative of the legendary ancient Mante tribe, from which the current inhabitants of Aceh province allegedly originated. However, there was no scientific evidence of the existence of this tribe to the present day.

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