Mysterious sounds are heard all over the world. Pipes of the Apocalypse?

Residents of the American city of Sanford, Florida, were surprised and frightened when they heard strange sounds of unknown origin that seemed to come from somewhere in the sky.

Eyewitnesses recorded what was happening and these sounds are really strange. According to the townspeople, they saw no aircraft in the sky, no construction works in the city or in the vicinity are conducted, so what was it then.

A professor of physics at the University of Saskatchewan, Jean-Pierre Saint-Maurice, hypothesized that this is electromagnetic noise that appears during the geomagnetic storms and radiation belts of our planet.

David Deming of the University of Oklahoma writes that mysterious sounds people hear around the world. Witnesses of these unexplained phenomena are from two to ten percent of the world’s population.

NASA says that: If people had radio antennas instead of ears, they would have heard a wonderful symphony of strange sounds coming from our planet. Scientists call them “tweeks”, “whistlers” and “sferics”.

They sound like background music from a sci-fi movie, but it’s not science fiction. The Earth’s natural radio waves are real, and although we mostly do not see or hear them, they are all the time around us.

Scientists also add that lightning can create noise radio emissions, and even earthquakes can also produce strange sounds, according to seismologist Brian Poonpa of the Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Scientists offer a lot of explanations for these strange sounds, but there is one nuance, what they say is only words that are not supported by any evidence or scientific research. There is no scientific confirmation of all these attempts to explain the inexplicable.

Strange sounds have increased in recent years and with each new year the number of such anomalies only increases. Maybe it’s worth all the same to remember about another non-scientific source – the Bible (Revelations of St. John the Theologian, which refers to the “Trumpets of the Apocalypse”?

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