Mysterious stone

Last year, members of the Russian geographical society (RGS)of the city of Armavir was approached by a resident of the city of Krasnodar Alexander is Sleeveless with a request to help to deal with his discovery. According to him, he last summer had a rest on the nature, swimming in the river, I found an interesting and mysterious boulder weighing nearly 100 kilograms. Alexander sent us some pictures of his findings and asked to comment.

A cursory examination of the photos, which were displayed stone with strange lines, we came to the conclusion that the find is worth exploring. Agree on meeting, we went to visit him, to learn all details about the stone. We took full interview specially for the website””.

– Alexander, tell us more about how You found this stone?

– I had a rest on the nature. Went with my son to take a walk along the river. Look, an unusual stone lying.. I Saw some writing on it, but the continuation line was on the side of the boulder, lapped by the water. Have abscopal from all sides. He rolled to the side, photographed.
– What felt impressions?

– First I’ve never come across anything like it. Stone and stone. But below it was the inscription? It occurred to me that it’s not just text, and some mysterious writing. Very similar to iron inclusions, but the magnet is not magnetic. Lines are all double, as if cut.

– You thought what to do with the finding?

I don’t know yet. I think we need to understand how the inscription appeared, what it means. It’s interesting? And, most likely, not only me.

And experts have shown? What they say about stone?

– Yes, of course. They managed to establish. What is the age of the inscription on the stone some 3,500 years. There are versions of transcripts from Viktor Yanukovych from Armavir Gusev and Alexey Umnov-Denisov from St. Petersburg. Version, of course, different, but by age, are the same. Also Krasnodar witch Vesta describe the energy of the person who this inscription did. But it turned out a lot of people who see nothing mysterious in the stone. The latter refer to the fact that it is all natural deposits of pseudoforms etc. About them I do not want to talk. They are blind and refuse to see the obvious.

And You don’t want your stone to make available to the General public? To pass it, for example, in a Museum to become an exhibit?

– Until you figure out what it is, let it be with me. In the Museum it can get lost, and the truth so no one finds out.

– You might also push some version? In Your opinion, what secret is kept by the stone?

For example, the origin of gold on earth, or maybe the beginning of the alternative history. Since our entire history is a big fraud.

– Was Your life any more interesting finds?

– Unfortunately, no. But I always wonder to touch the mystery. There’s a lot of interesting, live and try to solve as many mysteries, and they are also very, very much.

I want to notice that we help Alexander get to the truth about interesting finds of stone and delivered two professional geologists. They, too, opinion was divided.

Vyacheslav Viktorovich Tokarev, a geologist with great experience, member of the Russian geographical society(RGS)since 1986, said:

– Pseudomorph of siderite-limantova (perhaps with a small addition of late quartz), fractures primary, considerable calcite, filling fractures in host rocks.

Vadim Shaevskaya, a professional geologist with lots of experience in Geology says:
-In the process of sedimentation and subsequent compaction and lithification occur various processes. In cracks cracking possible precipitation of calcite or the like low temperature thermal springs there. So formed, for example, Septoria. It is also possible that it moves worms. In General, I say, full of wonder mighty nature! Break the stone and look at the chip, then everything will be clear.

In any case, whatever this stone was, it is interesting in itself. Such discoveries are a rarity and on road not just lying around. We wish Alexander to get to the truth.

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