Near the coast of Crimea noticed a UFO

The video of the passage of an unidentified flying object along the coast of Crimea was published today by Paulo Russo, who managed to capture this mysterious object on video.

Shooting a panorama of a good view of the sea from a high bank on the Crimean coast, as he himself says visually the object he did not observe. Only after looking through the footage he drew attention to an unusual object flying along the coastline.

The eyewitness himself suggested that he accidentally witnessed the activity of a UFO, although he doubts, says, or maybe it was a bird. To dispel his doubts, I analyzed the video, slowing the playback of video and applying an increase to the specified object.

As a result, it is very clearly seen that the object has nothing to do with birds. The object is light, almost white in color, the exterior paneling casts glare from the sunlight, which indicates the material structure of the object. In its form it resembles a classic flying saucer, which it is usually depicted.

Disc-shaped object with round protrusions in the upper and lower parts of its body. An interesting observation, but as always it is very insulting that the object is captured accidentally, the operator without seeing the object could not make an increase in it and its capture in the lens and again there is a share of doubts about what it was.

However, with real UFOs it always happens that way. The truth is always somewhere near, but to get a one hundred percent video testimony proving the reality of the existence of alien ships in the sky of our planet, so far no one has managed to get it …

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