On Alaska the ancient pyramid is found?

The other day I saw this news in media and once again was surprised that this ancient “news” is presented once again as a sensation. But this information swept on the Internet as a snowball and appeared even in serious scientific online medias. Scientific! It is already last straw which forced me to write the truth about this “pyramid”.

And what especially surprises how serious it would seem to media readily pick up and duplicate any nonsense, but absolutely ignore really serious opening which are not giving in to any explanation. I can explain it only with the common orientation of media on the obolvanivany population and aspiration under a lot of stuff, to hide really sensational opening and the mysteries of our civilization and the planet.

Let’s begin with the fact that as media report, this pyramid was found “under ices of Alaska”, and it was promoted by global warming which allowed scientists to see a huge pyramid hidden under thickness of ice earlier. Also opened even not one, and several pyramids in comparison with which pyramids in Egypt, seem very small, but the way of construction is identical.

If to trust various articles which appeared in media, discovery was made quite recently, only two weeks ago, even words of geologists that a laying of pyramids very careful, and orientation and a way of construction, corresponds to the Egyptian constructions are mentioned. It is claimed that discovery was made not by the virtual archeologists or ufologists, and the most real scientists, experts, experts, a pyramid allegedly the most larger in the world and scientists conduct its research and the analysis. Here drag in and legends of “the people of Alaska” in which it is told about “a pyramid in ices in which the evil ghost Kushtak is ground”.

And now let’s understand from where legs at this “a scientific sensation” grow. For the first time started talking about it in the nineties when media spread around the statement of the ufologist Linda Multon Houv who told of that, chto80 kilometers from Mount McKinley there is a huge pyramid 350 meters high buried underground. The pyramid is in the so-called “Bermuda Triangle of Alaska”. Houv claimed that about a pyramid, she for the first time heard in news on “Channel 13” from Anchorage in 1992 where it was told about the discovery made by scientists who found “an underground pyramid”. Geologists and other scientists, allegedly installed a set of devices because of the underground nuclear tests planned by China and were going to make seismic “map” of the particular regions of Alaska, and as a result of researches found underground pyramids.

Linda lifted this subject about which it was told in transfer in 2012 and began to claim that this information was confirmed by some former military who was present at detection of underground pyramids and kept this secret of the whole 20 years. It even published coordinates on which it is possible to find mysterious pyramids: 63 °17’51.40″N 152 °31’24.49″W

I do not know why nobody checked these coordinates in 2012, but if now to hammer these data into Google Earth, then it is possible to see that there are no pyramids there. There are two hills not different from a great number of others, all area in this area consists of hills and mountains. There passed a lot of time, but Linda Multon Houv did not provide any new information on these “pyramids”, but she continues to hold seminars at which she tells about kidnapping by aliens, stealing of a livestock by them, circles on fields and many other that she accompanies a subject of ufology and continues to tell including about these pyramids on Alaska, and lack of new information justifies with the fact that pyramids were taken by the Pentagon and military let nobody in the region of their location.

But all this information as appeared in her statements, so is confirmed with nothing any more and there are no military bases in this area, and in satellite pictures it is visible that people travel in these parts and even attach pictures taken there. Here and all sensation that “a few weeks ago under ices of Alaska scientists found huge ancient pyramids”.

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I hope you understand that it is very possible and easy to manipulate a program such as GoogleMaps, and even easier with government influence. The company doesn’t show most recent satellite pictures. It actually shows pictures from 5 to 10 years ago. I have tested this and seen the proof. Also if it is meant to be kept as a secret then of course they will hide the proof from the international public. It wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last time. Word of advice, (not trying to be rude) think outside the box.


The photograph right before the first image of bat-shit crazy Linda Howe is actually from Antarctica. The rest of those crazy photos of cows being beamed up into a saucer, definitely aren’t helping your credibility.
If you’re going to make something up, try to be a little bit believable

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