On London a huge piece of ice fell from the sky

In the afternoon, from the sky to one of the streets of London, an ice block fell from the sky and almost killed a man who was at that moment on the street. Scientists have recognized the unusual occurrence as a “meteorological phenomenon.”

According to preliminary estimates, a piece of ice weighed about 10 kilograms. Initially, a version was put forward that this piece of ice fell from one of the aircraft flying in the sky, but in this particular case, the planes were not to blame.

Only, what is this “meteorological phenomenon”, when a huge piece of ice falls from the sky to the street of a huge city, and if they start falling not one but one thousand at a time, then what will happen?

“It was utter madness.” As in the film about the apocalypse, a block of ice falls from the sky for no reason, it could kill someone, “one of the eyewitnesses of the incident said.

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