On the coast of Australia thousands of Portuguese ships

The coast in the area of ​​Rosedale was covered with a carpet of jelly-like creatures similar to jellyfish. The reasons for such an invasion are unknown to scientists.

Scientists explain that these are Portuguese ships, or physalia (Physalia physalis) – animals such as the siphonophores (Siphonophorae), which flutter from the detachment, are widespread in Australia. They are extremely poisonous, and even being on land, they can painfully sting.

According to one of the local residents who made the video, dozens of wriggling fisals washed away on the beach with each wave. The spectacle was “nightmarish”. Portuguese ships refer to colonial organisms and move in groups. This happens under the influence of external forces – wind and water current.

The reason why such a huge amount of fisalias was on land in Australia, the scientist is not known. First of all, this is blamed for climate change.

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