On the coast of Wales, hundreds of octopuses

On the coast of Wales in the county of Ceredigion hundreds of octopuses were thrown out. For three days the animals for unknown reasons were selected from the water and crawled along the sand. The strange behavior of the octopuses puzzled the locals. According to them, they had never seen anything like this before.

Curly octopus – a fairly common species off the coast of Britain, but they live at a depth of about a hundred meters.

A biologist at the University of Bristol, Steve Simpson, called the behavior of the octopus “extremely strange.” An employee of the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, James Wright expressed the fear that with cephalopods there might be something wrong.

“Too many individuals on the same beach, it’s very strange, they found octopuses even in the tidal zone, and this indicates that, unfortunately, everything is not right with them,” he said.

Wright suggested that octopuses could be thrown ashore after a storm and lowering the atmospheric pressure.

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