On the ISS, people and aliens work together

Although many believe that the ISS is flying in outer space, it flies in the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, but still, without a spacesuit there is a person there can not – not adapted unlike aliens. And the proof that there are extraterrestrials on the International Space Station is provided, you will not believe – NASA. Of course, because of the sloppiness of those who should censor the video broadcast from the ISS.

This video was broadcast on the official channel of NASA in open access and it showed the work of the Canadian robot manipulator “Dexter”, sent to the ISS in 2008

Here is the translation in the original, if you do not believe you can see it yourself. The fragment that interests us starts from segment 35.20

The monitor is placed in the frame mounted on the outer skin of the station, and in this monitor the display of someone’s head flashes. The head is absolutely bald with characteristic features of a classic alien, which is commonly called “Gray”.

Moreover, this representative of extraterrestrial civilization feels great outside of the ISS without a spacesuit, it only has a blue sweater, and the sweater is completely earthy, classic with a large collar, probably knitted and presented to him by someone from the astronauts.

While the astronauts are clumsily crawling along the ISS skin, this “gray”, in a sweater and without a spacesuit, unlike them, feels great in an airless space. Although the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, where the ISS is flying, only an alien can fly next to the astronauts in a sweater without a spacesuit.

Watch the video that I edited with slowdown and zoom. Questions and doubts will disappear at once – there are aliens on the ISS who are there together with terrestrial astronauts and this means that they are there – officially! And all countries with access to the ISS – know about it!

However, the presence of aliens on the ISS is entirely logical, where they should be, if not there. A very convenient site for studying the Earth and conducting various experiments.

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