On the moon recorded a mysterious sound strikes

Supersonic impacts recorded on the moon, two lunar probes mission NASA “Artemis”. They are similar to the sound shock waves that occur when different objects exceed the speed of sound, for example a plane or a meteorite. The researchers found that currently, these same sonic booms happen on the moon. This mystery has scientists baffled.

As there are these shock waves, what or who creates them. According to scientists, this is the smallest of the shock wave recorded in the Solar system.

Scientists hypothesized that these sonic booms are the result of the collision of the solar wind with a weak magnetic field of the moon, which is about 1% the strength of Earth’s magnetic field, but it is enough that in the collision with the solar wind to create a sound shock wave, recorded in the mysterious region between the light and dark sides of the moon.

“We don’t understand how such a weak magnetic field can generate something similar, but in the General opinion, the direct impact it has had solar wind and this caused the occurrence of sonic booms,” says physicist Jasper Halekas from the University of Iowa.

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