On the Sejdozere found two tents with food, clothes and utensils torn apart, but without people

In Lovozero district, not far from the Sejdozer, for a couple of days tourists found two abandoned tents. Around were scattered things: clothes, shoes, pots, bowls. There were no people.

“We found a torn tent near the Seydouai stream near Seydozero. Meters in 50 from the main trail. Inside the sleeping bag, some clothes in the form of jackets, trousers, also dishes and shoes.

The second tent was found earlier in the same area: things, food, for about two people and no signs of people.

Seydozero is a Saami sacred lake, on the shores of which there are seiads – stones, which were worshiped in ancient times by the indigenous inhabitants of this region. This place is still considered mystical.

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