On the streets of Birmingham noticed a lioness

A resident of the suburb of Birmingham by the name of Down Paige experienced shock and horror when viewing the usual records of the camera of outdoor surveillance and turned to the police and the zoo. The reason for viewing the record was strangely moved and overturned garbage cans near the house, but the originator of the disorder were not vagabonds or hooligans, but an incomprehensible animal, which she described as “a very big cat”; judging by the size, it could be a jaguar, a leopard or a lioness.

The Zoo Dudley Zoo, located four miles from the woman’s house, gave an official response to the request; the spokesman said that from their zoo no animal had escaped, and that the experts who watched the video can not identify the animal because of the low resolution of the video; perhaps this is an ordinary big dog. The applicant categorically rejects this calming version, since even with this image quality it is clear that the plasticity of the animal’s movement is just a cat’s, not a dog’s.

The West Midlands police refused to accept the application from Page, explaining this to the fact that no one appealed except her. The woman has two versions of the incident – either the zoo keeps silent the cases of the release of contained predators to freedom, or someone in the neighborhood secretly and without permission holds a dangerous predator at home.

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