On Titan discovered an alien city

In a photo published by Steve Albers, who works for NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration), a very interesting and mysterious photograph was published showing the satellite of the planet Uranus-Titan.

The photo immediately catches your eye, that its edges are intentionally blurred. The question arises why this is done and for what purpose. What are they trying to hide in this way?

UFOologist Scott Waring is known for his meticulousness in studying photographs in search of anomalies and artifacts. He studied this photo and came to the conclusion that in this picture, something interesting is hidden.

The edges of the image are blurred, but at the top it is strongly shone. This is striking and therefore Waring began to include a variety of color filters, which would reveal what is hidden there and discovered a giant dome.

As he himself writes, this dome consists of half solid material, perhaps metallic, and the second part is the energy continuation of the dome. 30% of the dome is metal and 70% is the force field.

Scott Waring in this video showed this dome using the color rendering filters of the original image.

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