On Yamal they discovered a new funnel in the ground

Scientists have discovered a new funnel in the earth, it is located thirty kilometers east of the scientific hospital of Erkut. According to the indigenous inhabitants of this area, they saw an explosion and a flame in the winter. After examining the site, the group of the scientist Sokolov really discovered another crater. Its diameter is about 8 meters and its depth is about 20.

The pile of earth around the edges indicates that there was an explosion. This site is under the constant supervision of biologists, as a number of nesting Sapsan wards, so scientists were able to fix: two years ago there was absolutely flat terrain.

“There was absolutely nothing there, it was a flat place. Last year it stuck out, and it was clear that the soil at the top was broken. Absolutely new education in 2016 is for sure. And in 2017, as the Nenets told us, in the winter, but it could be January, and March, and April – in general when it was snow, it exploded and there was fire, “said Alexander Sokolov, deputy director of the Arctic Science and Technology Center, Research Hospital of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Urals Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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