Over Brazil appeared a huge flying saucer

In the sky over the Brazilian city of Curitiba, eyewitnesses watched a disk-shaped UFO. A local story about this unusual event was published on the local television channel.

The witness of the incident says that on that day the sky was cloudy, he looked at the clouds and suddenly saw a large oval object hanging on a cloud-free stretch of the sky.

UFO had a clear outline of its shape, but it was a bit blurry, as if it were surrounded by some force field. The eyewitness’s video is interesting in that the outline of the object and even some of its details are clearly visible.

If you slightly increase the contrast of the image, then there is even doubt that this is the aircraft and not related to terrestrial technologies quickly disappear.

After the eyewitness started shooting with the object some transformations take place, on the lower part of his body movement of certain mechanisms is seen, and then this UFO simply disappears. Either he turned on the camouflage system or used some kind of technology to instantly move around in space, this is just guesswork.

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