Over California there was a huge leaky clouds

Residents of the West coast of the US last weekend witnessed a rare phenomenon — the emergence of the so-called leaky cloud in the sky over southern California.

Similar circular or elliptical shape the clouds take, thanks to the planes, and propellers. However, this must be met certain conditions.

First, in the vertical direction of the clouds should be thin. Second, the aircraft must fly through it at a certain height is below six thousand meters, otherwise the effect of leaky clouds will not work.

If these conditions are met, then, flying through a thin cloud layer (typically cirrocumulus or altocumulus), the plane creates a large pressure drop, condensation occurs — the process of Bergeron — Findeisen, the precipitation falls as snow, and because of this cloud-formed hole.

Given these complex conditions of education, to observe the leaky clouds are extremely rare. However, as experts note, geographically, the phenomenon is independently: previously worn clouds were observed not only over the American continent and in the skies over Western Europe, China, Australia.

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