Over Mexico saw the strange clouds

21 January 2017 over the Mexican state of Michoacan, over the hill Tejerias there was a strange dark cloud with the edges painted in a crimson color. Eyewitnesses reported that eerie cloud they watched for hours.

The appearance of a strange cloud, locals connected with the activities of aliens, and scientists said that it is an ordinary lenticular cloud.

Lenticular (lenticular) clouds (Altocumulus lenticularis) is a term that refers to a rather rare natural phenomenon. The formation of lenticular clouds occur on the crests of air waves or between two layers of air. Condition for the formation of lenticular clouds moist air, which passes through the mountain or mountain chain, forming a few large standing waves on the leeward side. If the temperature at the crest of the wave drops to the dew point contained in the air moisture can form lenticular clouds.

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