Over the volcano Yellowstone appeared “fiery birds”

During the video broadcast from one of the webcams installed in the Grand Teton National Park, which is located next to the Yellowstone National Park in the vicinity of Lake Jenny, a “fiery bird” appeared.

Interestingly, recently the Grand Teton National Park was closed to tourists because of fears about the expansion of cracks spreading over the surface of the earth.

Yellowstone, also shows signs of increased activity and this can be judged by the increased eruptions of the Steamboat geyser, which has been activated for the 11th time since March.

American researchers of unusual phenomena associate the appearance of this unusual glowing bird with legends about the mythical bird Phoenix – the sacred bird of fire. In myths it is described as a huge bird with fire plumage. She had a special ability, she could burn and regenerate again.

In appearance, the bird Phoenix looked like an eagle with bright red or golden-red plumage. Phoenix belonged to the cult of the Sun and was considered a symbol of immortality and eternal renewal.

In a video published by enthusiasts, you can see a selection of various anomalous phenomena in recent times. For example, a very unusual cloud, a Phoenix bird hovering above the American state of Wyoming, as well as several UFO sightings.

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