Paranormal Russia

Meeting astronauts UFO: the Pioneers of space exploration was not easy: the technology of beginning space era of humanity has left much to be desired, so emergency situations arise quite often, but some surprises that await space pioneers in orbit are associated not with the equipment. Many returning from orbit Soviet cosmonauts told about unidentified flying objects appearing close to earth spacecraft, and scientists still cannot give an explanation for this phenomenon.

Twice hero of the Soviet Union cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalenok told me that during his stay at the station “Salyut-6” in 1981, the year he saw a bright glowing object, rapidly enveloping the Earth in its orbit. Kovalenok called crew commander Viktor Savinykh, and he saw an unusual phenomenon, immediately went for the camera. At this time, “finger” broke and split into two objects connected to each other, and then disappeared.

Take a picture of it and failed, but the crew immediately reported the phenomenon to the Earth. Of sightings of unknown objects repeatedly stated missions of the Mir space station, as well as employees of the Baikonur cosmodrome — in the surrounding area UFOs appear quite often.

Sakhalin monster

The remains of an unknown creature found by soldiers of the Russian army on the coast of Sakhalin island in September 2006. Structure of the skull of the monster resembles a crocodile, but the rest of the skeleton is absolutely not similar to any known reptile. To the fish it also include does not, and the locals who showed soldiers a find, could not identify it to any creature living in these waters. The remains of the animal’s tissues, and, according to him, it was covered with hair. The corpse quickly got their hands on special services and a further study took place “behind closed doors”.

Now, most experts are inclined to believe that these were the remains of any cetacean, according to some versions — the killer whale, or Beluga whales, but others argue that his skeleton being different from those of the others. Alternatively, the “accepted” point of view can be called the opinion that the remains belonged to prehistoric animals, which is probably still preserved in the depths of the oceans.

Russian Roswell

Missile military training ground near the village of Kapustin Yar North-West of Astrakhan region is often found in the reports of the most bizarre and inexplicable incidents. Here with surprising regularity observed different UFOs and other interesting phenomena. Because of the very high-profile case of this kind Kapustin Yar was nicknamed Russian Roswell by analogy with a city in the U.S. state of new Mexico, where, according to some assumptions, in 1947 year, the crashed alien ship.

Almost a year after the Roswell UFO incident, on 19 June 1948 year, the sky over Kapustin Yar there was a silver object shaped like a cigar. The alarm was raised three MiG, and one of them managed to knock out a UFO. “Cigar” was immediately released fighter a beam, and he collapsed to the ground, unfortunately, the pilot managed to eject. Silver also fell in the vicinity of Kapustin Yar, and he was immediately transported to the bunker of the polygon.

Of course, many times questioned these data, but some of the documents of the KGB, declassified in 1991-m to year, suggests that the military have seen many times over Kapustin Yar something, yet do not fit into the framework of modern science.

Ninel Kulagina

During the Second World war, then Nina Kulagina served as a radio operator in a tank and participated in the defense of the Northern capital. The result of the injury she was the reserve, and after lifting the siege of Leningrad was married and had a baby.

In the early 1960s, she became famous throughout the Soviet Union as Ninel Kulagina — psychic and other paranormal abilities winner. She could heal people by the power of thought, to identify color by touch, see through fabric that is in the pockets of the people, to move objects at a distance and more. Her gift is often subjected to study and scrutiny by experts of different institutions, including secret research institutes, and many testified that Nina actually has abnormal abilities.

Until his death in 1990-m to year of Ninel Kulagina was one of the most powerful psychics of the twentieth century, and related unexplained phenomena has received the designation “K-phenomenon.”

Dragon of Brosno

Lake Brosno, located in Tver region, is the deepest freshwater lake in Europe, but to the whole world it is known mainly from a mysterious creature, which the locals believe in him dwells.

According to numerous stories, in lake not seen the animal with a length of about five meters, reminiscent of someone like the dragon, although almost all observers describe it differently. One local legend says that long ago “the dragon of Brosno” was eaten by the Mongol warriors, staged on the shores of lake halt. According to another story, in the middle of the Brosno one day suddenly appeared “the island”, which after some time disappeared — it is assumed that it was the back of a huge unknown beast.

The black bird of Chernobyl

A few days before the infamous crash of the fourth unit of the Chernobyl NPP, four employees of the station have reported seeing something similar to a huge dark man with wings and glowing red eyes. Most of all, this description resembles the so-called Man-moth is a mysterious creature that allegedly has repeatedly appeared in the city of point pleasant of the U.S. state of West Virginia. Met a fantastic monster the workers of the Chernobyl station, claimed that after the meeting they had received several calls with threats and nearly all began to have incredibly vivid nightmares.

26 APR nightmare did not happen in the dreams of employees, and at the station, and about the amazing stories of forgotten, but only for a short time, extinguished the fire that raged after the explosion, the survivors in the flames told me that I could clearly see a 6-meter black bird that flew out of the clubs of radioactive smoke bringing down from the destroyed fourth block.

The well to hell

In 1984, Soviet geologists started the ambitious project of drilling ultra deep well on the Kola Peninsula. The main goal was to meet the research of curiosity and check the possibility in principle of such a deep penetration into the interior of the planet.

When the drill has reached a depth of about 12 km, instruments recorded strange sounds coming from the bowels and more like the screams and moans. In addition, the huge depth found emptiness, the temperature reached 1100 °C. Some even reported about the demon coming out of the hole and the blazing inscription, “I have overcome” that emerged in the sky once out of the hole in the ground he heard a terrible screaming. All this gave rise to rumors that the Soviet scientists drilled “the well to hell”, by the way it has been documented that the temperature at the bottom, which reached the drill, was 220 °C.

Perhaps the best thing about “the well” told David Guberman, one of the authors and project managers of the Kola superdeep borehole: “When I questioned about this mysterious story, I don’t know what to say. On the one hand the stories about the demon seem to be nonsense. On the other hand, as an honest scientist, I can’t say that I know what’s happened. Do was recorded very strange noise, then there was the explosion… After a few days nothing like the same depth is not detected”.

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