Predators appeared in the Yamal tundra

In the Tuscany of the Myskamen there were predators. According to local residents and tundraks, stray dogs increasingly go to the tundra, chasing deer herds. Yegor Yaptik discovered the remains of his deer 20 km from the village.

The dogs are like wolves, says the reindeer herder, they are not afraid of anything at all. These photos he sent to our online edition. By the way, pictures interested in the administration of the settlement of Mys-Kamenskoe. And we are ready to discuss the problem with the author of the pictures. And if you need and connect to the solution of the issue.

Oleg Spirenkov, head of the Mys-Kamenskoe MO: “If it turns out that these are dogs or wild animals, we will naturally go to law enforcement services, which we are engaged in quoting, bioresources, etc. If there is a threat such, of course, this issue will be resolved. ”

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