Residents of Bolivia suffer from abnormal colds

In Bolivia came the cold, anomalous for the country. The air temperature drops to zero degrees Celsius – the channel reports.

This week, the National Meteorological Agency of Bolivia declared an “orange” level of threat due to the approach of the cold front. In the cities of La Paz and El Alto, the temperature is about zero degrees – extremely low for these places, 51 years have not been observed.

In the city of La Paz and its environs, traffic has been disrupted due to snowfall, and a number of domestic flights have been detained.

Despite the fact that Bolivia is warming, weather forecasters predict that this winter in the country will be cold. Marisol Portugal – an employee of the meteorological center noted that in June and July the temperature will drop even lower. Clear weather is expected, in which daytime heat does not accumulate, but dissipates at night.

Cooling in areas of Bolivia experts associated with the natural phenomenon of El Niño – the warming of the surface waters of the Pacific. In addition, due to El Niño, severe flooding and droughts have occurred recently in the country.

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