Russian scientists have investigated the mummy of an alien discovered in Peru

Domestic scientists returned to Russia from Peru, who participated in a survey of a mysterious mummy found in one of the caves of the famous Nazca plateau.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the National Research University in St. Petersburg Konstantin Korotkov and Natalya Zaloznaya, a radiologist, a specialist in computer tomography of the International Biological Systems Institute, recently returned from Peru, where they witnessed and participated in supernatural events.

As part of an international expedition, they examined a mysterious mummy found in a cave near the famous Nazca plateau.

Fingers on legs, three pieces, long, as if to cling To hands too, three fingers. The proportions of the body in the mummy are generally human. In the straightened state, her height would be 168 centimeters. A very strange head with an elongated, elongated back, skull. Nose – tiny, ears – no. Instead of them, hardly noticeable holes in the skull.

And absolutely inhuman look limbs. On the hands and feet of the mummy there are three very long fingers.

The mummy is like a plaster sculpture, sprinkled with some kind of white powder. But, as the X-ray and computer tomography showed, this is by no means an image. Inside – the skeleton, the remains of internal organs. Through radiocarbon analysis it was established that the tissues of the mummy are 2300 – 2500 years old. Powder, according to scientists, has embalming properties. The mummy is sprinkled with it for safety.

“I’m not doubting that once this creature was alive,” said Professor Korotkov. – We took samples of tissues – they are preserved. Now samples are analyzed by genetics in a large medical center in St. Petersburg.

Preliminary results indicate that the sex of the creature is female. Conclusions about who this is – an unknown species of people, mutant or representative of extraterrestrial race, can be done after decoding the genome.

Instead of the ears, the barely perceptible holes. An image of a three-toed creature on stones near the Nasca Plateau

The place where the mummy was found is not called by specialists, But it is reported that stones with drawings have been found nearby. In the drawings – three-fingered creature.

Studies of the mummy continue. Professor Korotkov expects to receive sensational results, which, perhaps, will lead to a different look at the history of mankind.

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