Scientists are studying light and sound phenomena around the dolmen in Adygea

Ancient megaliths from the bronze age are attracted to its mystery, many generations of humanity. These mysterious monuments of archeology, the age of which is compared with the age of the Egyptian pyramids, is today mostly hidden from the eyes of tourists. In Adygea there are only a few preserved dolmens, others were destroyed by time, vandals and are under the soil.

But is the Caucasian dolmens remain in the spotlight of the world of prehistoric archaeology. The first year summer leading archaeologists of the country, carefully, layer by layer, removed the age-old land build-up, carefully turning over every stone, which can turn the idea of the ancient history of the Republic. Thus was restored dolmen “Khadzhokh-3”, it has a unique architecture which is a complex — to portal the stove leads to patio (dromos), which is surrounded by a corridor, and over the side gantry plates were stone roof, which is very rare.Recreated at the given stage of historical composition has lifted the image of the past, where the dolmens, ancient people took an important ritual function.

There are many hypotheses and theories about the origin of the dolmens, and their functions. Some believe that is still the dolmens have a certain amount of energy, and once espeon was home to the dwarfs. According to legend, in the ancient land of the Circassians and the sleds giants and dwarfs, who enjoyed the protection of the dolmens. However, researchers are advised to consider these assumptions carefully, because they are based only on speculation and unsubstantiated.

To find the most likely version and give her the scientific evidence, many scientists are trying. In this respect, interesting studies, candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, associate Professor, southern Federal University Sergey Anatolyevich Gerasimov. He has undertaken a number of expeditions, studying the dolmens in the Village of Guzeripl, and with the help of modern sensitive instruments. For example, he found the black spots that started to fly above the dolmen in Guzeripl before the rain. And near the dolmen in the Village of bright essence, which flew out of the hole, — said the head of Adygeya Republican branch of the Russian geographical society Igor Ogai.

Research physicist showed that if megaliths are constructed of quartz rocks, they should work as a piezoelectric element. Moreover, when mechanical strain is a strong polarization of the piezo, accompanied by the appearance of strong electric field. The latest study, the scientist conducted this past new year’s holidays. Using instruments, he found the frequency of occurrence of light and sound signals.

Sergey holds multi-channel studies using the eclectic, electromagnetic, audio and video channels, rejecting the mystical nature of the origin of the phenomena. Rational perception involves connections between the phenomena, or at least the repeatability of the phenomenon, and irrational – it’s so random if the relationship is either not traced or not in principle.

— All the scientists are unanimous in the view that the dolmens are unique structures. They need not only to study but also to make every effort to preserve this priceless heritage, — said Igor Ogay.

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