Scientists are unable to explain the phenomenon of flying rods

For the first time this phenomenon began in 1996, when in the Cave of swallows for the camera has been recorded many strange flying objects. The Cave of swallows reaches 375 meters and is 11 in a row from the deepest places in the world.

A large cave attracts lovers of extreme sports, such as basejumping (jumping with a parachute from any heights). Flying rods are impossible to see, too with great speed for human eyes they move in and fix them only with the help of video equipment with high definition while watching a replay in slow motion.

The speed of movement of the rods exceed 2 kilometers per second. By studying the videos, the researchers came to the conclusion that these beings have mind, they either live or have a management system otherwise they would have hit each other with fast motion.

Since the discovery of the rods, messages about the same object coming from different places of the world. There are many videos and photos of these creatures, but to catch at least one for study, and failed.

Scientists said that although the phenomenon does exist, but it simply can not be studied, and hence the explanation.

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