Scientists have documented the ability of 12-year old boy with telekinesis

A group of scientists led by Vladimir Krupko returned from an expedition in the Pavlograd area of the Omsk region of Russia, having gathered irrefutable evidence of the availability of local 12-year-old schoolboy paranormal abilities. In the presence of the boy in front of parents, teachers and classmates, moving furniture and strange sounds occur.

We have witnessed such phenomena, when the boy was moving furniture, and published different sounds. We saw a meter away from the teenager fell to the chair, and when Daniel was standing next to the teacher behind her back and began to fly bench, – said Vladimir Krupko.

Scientists recorded the fact unusual phenomenon, and said that the final conclusions will be made after they studied the pictures and videos taken at school.

Unusual phenomenon with fifth-grader from Pavlograd district began to happen two months ago, moving furniture, falling objects, rise and fall tables, beats crockery. Student does not know how to control things, everything happens by itself.

From Vladimir Krupko there are descriptions of similar cases that have occurred in the region with three boys and two girls. One of the stories which interested the scientist, happened in 2011 with a schoolgirl, who lived in the apartment with father. Paranormal activity was so strong that the house was broken literally everything. The story ended very sad. The girl was taken away from the family to the orphanage, because I decided that the father could not provide the conditions for her life – says Krupko.

That’s why parents of Daniel from Pavlograd school refused to communicate with journalists – don’t want the child unnecessary glory. Moreover, scientists promise that in a few weeks the paranormal stop – judging from the observations, they last about three months.

Children in puberty often appear ability to change the space around them, but after a few months it goes – says Krupko.

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