Snow-covered Sahara desert in the photo

19 December 2016 became a significant day for residents of the city ain sefra. As a result of snowfall sand hills of the Sahara got snow caps. Local photographer Kareem Buscetta was the first who published a few pictures of the desert immediately after a snowfall. However, a month after this event the network has flowed more high-quality images of a snowy Sahara, authored by photographer London Jeff Robinson.

Recall that the last time snow was observed in February 1979. Then in a half-hour snow storm of the sand dunes was transformed in the same way.

The city of ain sefra called the “gateway to the desert”. It is located in the Northern part of the Sahara. The average winter temperature here is kept at 0 °C with record levels from -10 to 15 °C.

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