Something strange happens in our atmosphere

The mysterious incoming radar signal was detected in our atmosphere on December 2, 2017 with the help of a service to detect the entrance of meteorites into the Earth’s atmosphere.

The meteorite sensor did not detect any object entering the atmosphere of our planet, but fixed several mysterious sound signals, which were fixed by radar and sound sensors. The signal and sound lasted about 2 minutes.

A meteor detector is located in the capital of the District of Columbia. Specialists note that if a continuous sound signal is detected, it can hardly be a meteorite or echo from its entry into the atmosphere, it is something else.

UHF radio waves sometimes create bursts of an unusual form of the ionosphere called “Sporadic E.”, but these “Sporadic E” are typical for the summer season in the northern hemisphere. Given that now the winter season in this part of the world is unlikely that the strange signal was the so-called “sporadic E.”.

So, if it was not a “sporadic E”, then what caused strange radio signals and sound?

While some people are wondering if it was a malfunction, others are convinced, given that the signal lasted about two minutes, that something great from space entered our upper atmosphere, and then passed our atmosphere very slowly.

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