South African woman gave birth to ten

A resident of South Africa broke the record for the number of simultaneously born children. She gave birth to ten babies: 7 boys and three girls. The woman claims that the children were conceived naturally. The record was reported by the Gauteng Health Department, citing IOL.

We recently wrote about a woman from Mali who gave birth to nine children at a time. This became the world record for the number of simultaneously born children who survived. Five girls and four boys were born prematurely: weighing from 500 grams to a kilogram. At the same time, it was not reported in what way the children were conceived – naturally or with the use of assisted reproductive technologies.

The Malian record was broken by a 37-year-old resident of South Africa, who recently gave birth to ten children. Initially, doctors thought she had eight babies, and as a result, seven boys and three girls were born at the 29th week of pregnancy. The woman already has twins, and she said that conception happened naturally, she did not resort to assisted reproductive technologies. Multiple pregnancy in this case could occur if more than one egg matured during the menstrual cycle, or if the embryo that appeared during the fertilization of one egg was divided into several independent ones at the early stages of development.

Having twins can be called an evolutionary strategy. Scientists calculated the frequency of double ovulation in different age groups and found that the most successful are those who “switched” from single ovulation to double ovulation around the age of 25. At a later age, out of two embryos, most often only one survives, and this increases the woman’s fertility. In rare cases, however, this strategy fails – then fraternal twins are born.

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