Space satellites recorded emergence of the huge planet near Earth

The long-awaited event came true – the legendary planet of X or as it was called by ancient shumer – to Nibir approached Earth. Worldwide the day off is announced, and it is recommended to citizens to buy champagne and flowers for a meeting of dear alien visitors – annunak.

Sometime and will be for now if to speak seriously, then satellites of keeping track of transfer by circumsolar space to Earth the very strange photos today.


Today in general the day sated on events, judging by photos of satellites today the unknown comet directed to our star and having flashed, disappeared in its destructive beams.

But, if with a comet everything is quite clear, it not the first and not the last which burns down at an approximation to the Sun, then a situation with photos on which a huge object more mysterious is visible.


In pictures from the satellite we see the planet Earth, it is located on the right, it is possible to see Mercury below. The sun from this foreshortening, is behind borders of a shot at the left and we see only shine of its beams. There is a question what we see in the middle in the form of the huge, round object very similar to the huge planet?


By the form, if to take into consideration shine on a top and bottom part Nibira, it is more similar to the Sun, but the Sun is also located at the left, and it is visible on light proceeding from it.




You already bought champagne and flowers? You do not hurry, the most probable explanation is that satellites were affected, some unknown space forces, the emission in the Sun provoked by hit in it today’s comet can caused failure in the equipment of satellites and there was an imposing of two different pictures from two different satellites and what we see turned out.

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