Strange anomalies occur during the sunrise over Guadalajara, Mexico

November 5, 2017, Guadalajara, Mexico, the webcam in real time shows a stunning sunrise at 6.57 am, but an hour before sunrise there is a strong fog and clouds that cover the entire area, and there are several unknown light sources passing over the place where the Sun appears.

The author who recorded the incident, draws attention to the strangeness of this fog, which appears as an order, precisely at the time of the sunrise and it hides the visibility of the horizon and does not allow to view objects in the sky giving additional sources of light, except for the Sun itself.

The author believes that the face of all signs of geoengineering, to create artificial clouds, to hide all areas around the luminary, especially during sunrise and sunset, to hide unknown objects near the Sun.

In the video, he points out that there is an unknown planet that can be clearly seen when the video slows down.

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