Strange behavior of wild animals is noted in the USA

Recently I wrote about the cases of the appearance of “zobi animals” recorded in the United States. For example, raccoons that walk on their hind legs showing their teeth, then fall, get up and go again. And they definitely want to get closer to people. The same behavior is observed in wild birds.

Raccoons, hawks, owls, otters – behave unusually and very strange. For some reason these wild animals, who tried to avoid people, now on the contrary try to get closer to people. What is the reason? Can animals feel something that we do not feel? Maybe this is a new, unknown virus that turns wild animals into zombies and they go to people, so that the virus spreads to them or their behavior is related to disturbances in the magnetic field of the earth.

After all, it is scientifically proven that all animals, fish and birds, feel the magnetic fields of the Earth and their life depends a lot on these fields. Can the behavior of animals change due to the fact that the magnetic poles will soon change?

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