Strange circles appeared in the sky over Australia

On the coast of the Australian state of Queensland in the resort city of Yeppoon, people walking on the beach drew attention to the fact that clouds begin to form in the sky.

No aircraft at that moment flew in the sky and the version of the inversion track is excluded, but what is this then and what is the reason for this? One of these round clouds was already formed at the time when the eyewitness turned on the camera of his phone to capture what was happening.

The second round formation in the sky was just beginning to form, representing at first an incomplete circle, and then an ideal circle. Recently, a lot of people around the world began to notice the appearance of unusual, strange and anomalous – geometrically correct clouds.

What is the reason for such phenomena – the activity of aliens or the manifestation of geoengineering in climate management, but who does this, earthlings or aliens change our planet for themselves?

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