Strange sounds of a frozen lake

Quiet and dark January night, you should get in the neighborhood of a frozen lake, as you begin to happen strange things. In the still of the night you will hear creaks, groans and loud POPs, although at first glance around is calm, as if the world froze.

Despite the fact that frozen lake may seem dead, frozen in time, in fact it is changeable and impermanent. This phenomenon is observed in many parts of the world, and in 2014 his recording became a viral video watched by 11 million (!) time. Amazing sound, as if from a sci-Fi film, normally produced by the ice itself, which expands and contracts as a result of temperature fluctuations.

The displacement of the ice causes virtually the full range of sound frequencies, both high and low. High waves reach your ears first, and because while listening have a feeling some of the delay. To hear this sound, you need to be at the right distance from ice strata, and the same process occurs with the metal in the cold.

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