Super-fast UFO appeared over Trollstigen in Norway

Ultra-high-speed UFOs that are also called “Skyfisha” and “Fastwalker” were recorded on a drones camera in the sky over the Norwegian Trollstigen.

The video was made on July 1 of this year and the UFO flight was recorded quite accidentally during a conventional video session with a civilian drones shooting beautiful landscapes from a bird’s eye view.

The term “Fastwalker” is a military classification for the description of high-speed unidentified flying objects, which at great speed not only move in airspace, but also make maneuvers violating the laws of gravity and aerodynamics.

Very often the appearance of such objects is fixed in outer space in near-Earth orbit, but there are also cases of the appearance of such UFOs directly in the earth’s atmosphere.

To notice the flight of such UFOs with the naked eye is almost impossible because of the incredibly huge flight speed. To fix their appearance is only capable of video equipment.

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