Superfast UFO flying over Sweden

Incredibly fast UFO flew in the evening in the sky over the Swedish city of Halmstad. The speed of the object is incredibly large and this is definitely not a plane or a meteorite, since its trajectory does not correspond to the flight of meteoroids, fireballs and meteors.

The trajectory is almost above the ground, and the flight altitude is also small. It is interesting that although the flight of an object in the frame took only a fraction of a second, during this short time it slightly changed the flight path.

The witness writes:

“When I shot a video at a race called Pistons and Props on the Sebring International track, I noticed an incredibly fast object moving across the sky. It enters the frame from the right side. I noticed this object when I was watching the video”

Halmstad is a port, university, industrial city at the mouth of the Nissan River, the administrative center of the Lena Halland in southwestern Sweden. The population of the city is 94,000 in 2016, with more than 90,000 suburbs.

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