Superheroes live near us

Genetic mutation is one of the main subjects of short stories about superheroes. With its help, an ordinary man turns into an absolutely unusual. At the same time in real life also there are people endowed with superhuman abilities, though mutants can not call them.

They don’t eyes burn a hole in steel sheet and can’t control the weather, but still rewarded with loud headlines.


Usually superpowers babies are izdavanje gurgling sounds and the erratic movements of the arms and legs. However, the baby, born in Michigan, has a rare genetic mutation, for which he was called the reincarnation of Hercules. Liam Hoekstra of Grand rapids was born with a congenital deficiency of myostatin, a protein, hindering muscle growth. In the end, he is genetically predisposed to build muscle, rather than fat.

When he was only five months, he was able to perform tricks that only experienced gymnasts and the first eight months of vengeance were tightened on the bar. Because the condition stated is extremely rare, doctors don’t know exactly why there is a lack of myostatin in the human body.


One of the remarkable properties of the comic book hero of Batman Bruce Wayne was echolocation. Bats emit a sound signal when the return of which is determined by the parameters of the object from which it was reflected. Daniel Kish lost his eyesight due to cancer when he was only 13 years old.

For many years he has spent trying to make up for this loss. Daniel has learned to make mouth special clicks, the echoes of which render it for the environment – in other words, he tuned echolocation. Now he had absolutely no problems with movement, and a favorite pastime for Daniel is tourism. He also teaches his “superpowers” of other people: about 500 students Daniel grasped the basics of echolocation.

Omnivorous people

French entertainer Michel Lotito is known on the stage under the name of Monsieur Mangin is the Man who eats everything. By training your gastrointestinal tract the actor in all his life ate a few TVs, bikes, a coffin and even a small light aircraft.

On the day Michel Lotito had eaten two pounds of glass and metal, maintaining such a diet for 48 years, and was in the Guinness Book of records. According to doctors, to the grave in 2007 it brought the bananas and eggs, which inflicted irreparable damage accustomed to strange objects in the stomach.

Self-heating monks

Unusual physical technique, demonstrated by Tibetan monks, shows the possibility of domination of the mind and human body over other matter and nature. Speaking with exercises g Tum-mo yoga practice), monks demonstrate the unusual ability to control its body temperature.

They sit in a cold room, wrapped in a wet cloth, but is not sick. Moreover, the warmth of her body they dry these rags. According to scientists, the effect is the result of the controlled expansion of blood vessels, whereby the blood in the body begins to move much faster and the result more heat is produced. Of course, this isn’t a genetic mutation, but to call this “samobora” super skills is quite possible.

People, do not feel pain

The development of insensitivity to pain – the “Holy Grail” of a different sort of intelligence. Meanwhile, in real life there are people who are able to achieve this state without any training. Insensitivity to pain usually develops together with anhidrosis, in which a person is not experiencing pain and not feel extreme temperatures. Actually, this is not a gift sent from heaven. People with such symptoms are often hurt themselves, overheating in the sun – in General, are at higher risk. However, scientists still study the gene responsible for the development of this condition, in the long run to create the ideal anesthetic.

“Rain man”

Experiencing problems in mental development a resident of Utah Kim Peak could not perform simple daily tasks, for example, he needed help to brush my teeth. He hardly understood the meaning of the phrase, with which he was addressed. And he could read two books simultaneously: every eye followed his text. This man never forgot read and knew by heart all the works of Shakespeare, often correcting of the actors during the performance. Until his death in 2009, Kim Peak had time to read 12 thousand books– he became the prototype of the protagonist of the famous movie “rain Man”.

Incredibly bendable man

Actor Javier Botet was born with a rare genetic disorder – Marfan syndrome. It is characterized by lack of fat and bones and elongated limbs. With the growth of two meters, Javier Botet can almost be folded in half. What will be the role of this actor? True. Javier Botet made a career in horror films. He (not computer a creature of the Directors of special effects) has performed the leading roles in the movies Andres, Mosketti “Mom” and Guillermo del Toro’s “Crimson peak”, and scared the audience into a zombie-Thriller, Jaume Balaguero “Report” and the horror Comedy Alex de La Iglesia “the Witches of Zugarramurdi”. The flexible body of the actor, according to the participants of the shooting, allows him to acquire the most unexpected forms.

A jet of electricity

Serb Biba Jet was nicknamed Megavolt because of your familiarity with electricity. The stream and electricity love each other. The fact that the body of a Serb no hair, and his sweat glands don’t work as a result of the discharge, without stopping, drip down his body. Jet takes daily electric shocks in order to prevent, arguing that it is good for the body, as well as treating their people with muscle spasms. Also on numerous shows Biba itself generates electricity and can even fry the sausage, using your own energy

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