The 7-year-old designer considers himself a reborn Gucci

Max Alexander is a little fashion genius from the United States who began sewing dresses as early as age 4. His passion for creating fashionable outfits stems from his past life as Gucci, the iconic Italian fashion designer. Max doesn’t just make dresses, he creates real masterpieces that have caught the attention of celebrities, including Sharon Stone.

Max’s story began in 2021 when he asked his parents for a mannequin to show off his work. His mother Madison was amazed at what he could do with fabric and a sewing machine. She told People magazine that Max was very serious and didn’t laugh when he announced his talent. His parents thought it was a temporary fad, but Max has stuck to his hobby for three years now.

Max spent several weeks watching his mother use a sewing machine before he tried it himself. Since then, he has clearly surpassed her skill set. His parents believe that fashion is in his genes because his grandparents were in the fashion business in Montreal, but the boy knew nothing about it when he started sewing.

Max claims that in a past life he was Gucci Gucci. Interestingly, Guccio Gucci was born in Florence, Italy, in 1881 and founded the Gucci fashion house in 1921. He was known for his craftsmanship in leather and accessories and died in 1953. His four sons continued his legacy and expanded the business internationally.

Max Alexander is an extraordinary child with great talent and a passion for fashion. His parents are proud of his accomplishments and support his passion. Max continues to create beautiful outfits and dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

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